Relapse prevention planning is a critical element in ensuring that a person who is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction does not return to using drugs or alcohol.

Alcoholism or drug addiction left untreated will destroy your health, personal relationships, financial security and career.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment without a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan is not likely to be effective.

All relapse prevention plans should be individualized to address each persons individual and specific needs.  A good relapse prevention plan will be comprehensive.  It will include coping strategies to deal with life stressors and emotions and will focus on identifying and giving you the tools to handle triggers, daily stressors, anxiety, negative emotions and planning for triggers involving, people, places, and things.  Additionally, a relapse prevention plan will include an emergency plan or safety plan, social support system and healthy leisure activities.

A relapse prevention plan translates into a better chance to enjoy long-term sobriety.  The structure, supervision, and support that a plan offers are necessary components of allowing yourself to learn and make changes to prevent relapse in the future.

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